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Being Human

Sun Mar 10, 10-11pm, BBC3

Series five, episode six
‘Mr Selfridge’ and ‘Call the Midwife’ may be concluding tonight, but they’ll be back. Not so for ‘Being Human’, getting the big send-off it deserves tonight as the devil (Phil Davis glorying in his character’s depravity) rents the trinity asunder in his bid to conquer the earth. Which is all well and good, but where ‘Being Human’ has consistently scored is with the little things. Somehow, all the blood, guts and villains aspiring to world domination have always felt a little peripheral to its tenderly and keenly drawn central characters.

This isn’t forgotten amid the carnage, with the devil offering deals to our supernatural heroes that get to the heart of the show’s themes of friendship, loss and regret. Best of all, Hal, Tom and Alex end the series much as Mitchell, George and Annie began it: watching crappy telly and drinking tea. You’ll miss it, but don’t grieve for long: BBC3’s excellent new undead comedy-drama, ‘In the Flesh’, begins next week. And this time, it’s zombies…