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Beyond Time: William Turnbull

Beyond Time: William Turnbull

Tue Mar 12, 10.30-11.30pm, BBC4

By Phil Harrison
William Turnbull, who died in November 2012, is undergoing something of a retrospective renaissance. In the run up to his exhibition at Chatsworth House, this film, written and co-directed by his son Alex, explores his life’s work. Born in Dundee, Turnbull was something of a polymath, at various times working in figurative sculpture, steel-based minimalism and abstract painting.

Perhaps this restless variety explains his relatively low profile in the pantheon of twentieth-century artists. However, he was a subtly influential figure and this documentary examines his time in Rome, Paris, London and New York as well as his relationships with the likes of Alberto Giacometti and Mark Rothko. Sadly, no preview material was available but this should be fascinating. Phil Harrison

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