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Sat Feb 2, 9-11pm, BBC4

Mike Kolloffel
Series two, episodes nine and ten
After last week’s gripping Central African hi-jinks, the writers sensibly take a more intimate approach to this closing double bill. Tonight, the political is important only in how it relates to the personal, as word of Laura’s treatment in an expensive private facility leaks out (Michael Laugesen at his detestable worst – and, therefore, best) just as Birgitte publicly addresses the inequities of the Danish healthcare system. The ensuing kerfuffle sees much-cherished principles of gender equality called into question and the teetering coalition take yet another blow.

The strength of this second series has been its refusal to expand its already-extensive and note-perfect cast from last year, instead exploring and exploiting their potential and teasing out hidden depths in the most unlikely characters. It all goes a bit ‘West Wing’ at the end, but ‘Borgen’ has more than earned our indulgence. 2014 can’t come soon enough.