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Britain’s Secret Shoppers

Thu Feb 14, 8-9pm, C4

Episode one
Along with asking the waiter to surreptitiously stow your leftovers in a takeaway box after a restaurant meal, haggling is feared and avoided by swathes of the British population. But if cheeky butcher-cum-businessman Justin Preston gets his way, soon we’ll all be refusing to pay sticker price for anything. With helpful hints for failing businesses, rules for negotiating a good deal on a car and tips on how to get a good deal for everything from theatre tickets to antiques, this is a timely offering with some sound practical advice.

It would certainly benefit from more tips on day-to-day haggling, and some sections will inevitably be more helpful to you than others, but this is still very watchable and potentially very useful. Plus, if you see someone in the supermarket holding everyone up as they argue over a bag of Hula Hoops, you’ll know who to blame.


I don't think so

This programme gives people the wrong idea about many small businesses, personally i find the shopping habits they encourage are unrealistic and an insult to small independent businesses who are very hard hit in these hard times. Why encourage the public to take from small businesses who many are already struggling to stay afloat? To compete with major supermarkets and high street stores can be very difficult, mark up can be minimal, so to encourage discounts of 50% is totally unrealistic. How does this programme and those who follow these shopping habits expect us to replenish stock and pay rent and bills? How would these people feel if they were to have their wages haggled and cut in half? Its what puts our food on the table and pays our bills (just). At the end of the day independent businesses have to work incredibly hard and it's these shows that mislead the general public into thinking its their right to have products at completely unrealistic prices. Since these shows have come about I've been asked to sell items at half price, personally I laugh them out the shop.

freedom man

I would love to see Justin Preston to work harder with Britain higher charging Charity Shops over pricing brand name clothing, well wore, washed out looking now as money as they try illigally since more inflation rising with George Osbourne and bank of England not resiging Britain out of EU altogether please go round top UK Chairty shops over-charging £10 PER PAIR JEANS £18 coats £19 Shoes etc HEART FOUNDATION & OXFAM now Barnardo's most expernsive many more once low in prices shot up to higher cost like these includes MIND, ST VINCENTS, HELP THE AGED,ROYAL & disability ones I want your show to show disadvantaged well abled adults how to get cheaper Residential Housing offers self refferals discounts not over budgets of £1500 per week charged, some £24000 A MONTH MORE mcch.org.uk , city homes in Mind Leeds, Carr Carm uk, REGARD ORG, do so with CAREFUND.ORG.UK & cri.org.uk, and this man racist to me ...paul.hirst@placesforpeople.org.uk & leonie@paradiseindependentliving.com , cold hard cash care housing cost for low income families need U NOW JUSTIN PRESTON real disaster to get a place over 10 yrs with all these fims even rude back this one selfunlimited.co.uk group how can we get FREE services NHS CARE, discounts covered by benefits if social services won't budget cost etc... DO NOT REPLY Necessarly show on TV how beat it thanks secret shopper soaring cost FREEDOM MAN !