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First Time Farmers

Fri Jan 25, 8-9pm, C4

Series one, episode three
A ‘Made in Chelsea’ for the Borough Market brigade, C4’s amiable ramble through the lives of Britain’s young farmers introduces us to yet more telegenic soil-tillers facing the Sisyphian challenges offered by modern agriculture. This week we get to meet an 18-year-old cattle farmer who likes the odd pint (favoured nightspot: ‘Chicago Rox’); and a ruddy-faced young chap with a combine harvester fetish and a hotline to Prince Charles. Rounding things out are three brooding, warring brothers who look like Fleet Foxes in shit-flecked blue overalls, and who the producers are clearly hoping become a breakout hit with the ladies. All three strands are gently twanged until some form of problem or dilemma wobbles into view, but all are summarily resolved with little-to-no drama. Still, everybody’s very affable, and the whole enterprise serves as a welcome reminder that not every twentysomething in Britain harbours Nathan Barley-esque aspirations of becoming a marketing hotshot, a fully-synchronic media node or an advertising ‘creative’.