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First Time Farmers

Fri Feb 1, 8-9pm, C4

Series one, episode four
The longer this amiable but slightly aimless new series potters on, the more it feels like it should have been a one-off. Perhaps it’s just the servings of false jeopardy that have too long make up the bulk of the documentary TV diet, but the lives of Bunny (petite, posh), Henry (practical, posh) and Will (matter-of-fact, ruddy faced) are, for all the hard graft and occasional knockbacks, resolutely undramatic.

Bunny wants to be a sheep farmer but is worried about her physique counting against her. Henry scarcely features. But Will at least, is a source of lively quotes: muckspreading is ‘not the nicest of smells’; he hasn’t got a girlfriend but would like to meet a ‘high yielder’ with ‘big teats’. And, indeed, his potential belle hits him with the following zinger on their first date: ‘Have you had your hand up a cow’s fanny?’.