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Foyle’s War

Sun Mar 24, 8-10pm, ITV

Series eight, episode one
It’s 1945 in New Mexico, and a test is about to take place: the Trinity testing of the first atomic bomb. A year on, a shady figure in a dimly lit library steals a file, a fledgling MI5 is investigating a Soviet spy ring, and Foyle, returning to the UK after his American troubles (and to ITV after a three-year hiatus), is plunged into the Cold War.

Cue a jolly two-hour tale that could be part Tintin, part Agatha Christie, but is wholly writer Anthony Horowitz on top form. It’s all done with consummate skill and elan, from the plausible characterisations and mysterious meetings in dark alleyways, to elliptical exchanges and beautiful period detail.

There’s also a real pleasure in reacquainting ourselves with a dependable and likeable cast of old favourites that includes Foyles’ driver Sam Stewart – surely being played with more than a gleeful nod to the jolly holly sticks tones of Joyce Grenfall by Honeysuckle Weeks – and of course the wonderfully lugubrious Michael Kitchen as the eponymous Foyle. Huge fun, right down to the radiation-suited strangers and red herrings.



Very disappointing clanger with the bus. RT would just make it in 1946 more likely a Guy Arab G or or Regent 1 STL. Had always thought that attention to detail had been very good. As usual production value very high and certainly a good program well worth watching.

Barrie Blostone
Barrie Blostone

Most previews have been praising the period detail. However, I think I am right in saying that the London bus in tonight's episode (March 24) was a Routemaster, These were not introduced until the 1950s and this episode is set in 1946. The buses in use at that time were RT type buses.