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My Little Princess

My Little Princess

Mon Feb 25, 10-11.05pm, E4

By Phil Harrison
Series one, episode one
Unless you’re trying it on with their daughters, terrifyingly over-protective fathers are pretty funny. That’s the basis of this almost indescribably daft new series from the creator of ‘Banzai’. A group of suitors compete to win a date with Jaimi from Amersham. But the person they have to impress is her geezerish dad Dickie. And they will be seeking to win his heart via the medium of various absurd challenges, including running very fast at each other while wearing mouse costumes and undergoing a lie-detector test at the risk of being catapulted into a muddy river.

It’s oddly placed on Monday night – it’s more the kind of embarrassingly transfixing nonsense you could easily imagine watching on a Friday night after the pub. But eventually, everyone involved is the butt of the joke and the joke isn’t quite funny enough to sustain the show through an hour.

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