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Being Human USA

Thu Apr 11, 9-10pm, Watch

Series one, episode one
The road taking TV drama from Britain to America is littered with failure: ‘Cracker’; ‘Cold Feet’; ‘Skins’; the godforsaken ‘Life on Mars’. But a high-concept piece like ‘Being Human’ feels like a good fit for a US audience primed for more supernatural action in the wake of ‘True Blood’, ‘Twilight’ et al. This is a very honorable effort: a little bit cheesier, a little bit brasher, a little bit noisier, but otherwise, capturing the tragicomic spirit of Toby Whithouse’s outstanding series.

For the uninitiated, it features two hospital grunts, a vampire (Aidan) and a werewolf (Josh), sharing a flat with a ghost (Sally – still stuck with a grey cardy) and coming to terms with their afflictions in the face of threats both natural and deeply weird. This opener doesn’t add much to the original concept, but it’s a promising start and will provide succour to those still mourning the original’s demise at the hands of BBC3.