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Mon Apr 15, 9-10pm, ITV

Series one, episode seven
As this wonderful series approaches its climax next week, the questions are mounting. Will DI Hardy (David Tennant) be in any sort of shape to complete the investigation? What was in the texts deleted by Ellie’s (Olivia Colman) son? What does Nige Carter get up to with his crossbow? And, of course, whodunit? Pauline Quirke’s aggressively shifty outsider is surely too obvious; likewise suspiciously defensive vicar Arthur Darvill.

Our money’s on Ellie’s husband, just for the dramatic meat that this would serve up for the brilliant Colman. The initial comparisons with the first series of ‘The Killing’ and its leisurely analysis of a grieving family haven’t proved to be too wide of the mark. Creator Chris Chibnall has balanced crimebusting thrills with moving, intimate drama, helped along by a note-perfect cast and a leading pair whose every shared scene has been pure magic. If ITV somehow tops this in 2013, we’ll move to Dorset and become Scout leaders.