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Thu Aug 22, 9.30-10pm, Sky1

Episode one
Preceded by a third series of Jane Horrocks’s sketchy supermarket sitcom ‘Trollied’ at 9pm, this endearingly daft sitcom created by and starring Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Jonny Sweet and ‘Inbetweeners’ alumni Joe Thomas and Simon Bird first saw the light as a C4 pilot with enormous potential.

Sky1 smartly snapped it up, giving tryhard prig Cecil (Bird), wimpy lovebird George (Thomas) and empty-headed ladies’ man Bert (Sweet) a welcome six episodes to spend justifying their behaviour, staying at home while the Great War rages. Although, given the fury of the local womenfolk, the Somme might have been a better option as Bonfire Night arrives and a Guy is required.

Bird and Thomas more or less reprise their old characters but are none the worse for it, leaving Sweet to steal the show with his blissfully, ignorant posho. The theme tune is overused and one or two set-ups are hackneyed, but performances, attention to detail and all-round silliness carry the day.


Petya Tashkova

“Fear has its use, but cowardice has none,” claimed Gandhi. Wrongly. Inbetweeners stars Simon Bird and Joe Thomas, alongside college bud, Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Johnny Sweet, find the perfect use of it. The comedian trio is both lead stars and writers of the new Sky 1 sitcom Chickens which follows the lives of pretentious prig Cecil (Bird), lovelorn wimp George (Thomas) and randy philanderer Bert (Sweet) who are left behind in the fictitious Rittle-on-Sea while the rest of the men have marched off to the Great War. Despised by the local womanhood for their poltroonery, the three dweebs are poking fun at their moral shame and social disgrace. Although adept comedians, Bird, Thomas and Sweet have yet to make a name for themselves as writers and this first episode was, if anything, a promising beginning. They didn’t have to look far from home for inspiration though – if it wasn’t for the layers of tweed, it would have been hard to distinguish disreputable Cecil and George from geeky Will and Simon. Sweet also fits his character so perfectly that he is undoubtedly the star of this amusing slapstick. It is yet too early to say who’ll have the last laugh – C4 where the show originally aired or Sky 1 who pinched it – but it’s definitely worth sticking with at least a few more episodes.

Tim Cain

I actually enjoyed this,(more than watching the inbetweeners). I would love to know what hilarious comedy programmes the writers of the sneering reviews are watching. This stands up pretty well to anything else that is on at the moment

Declan Murray

Sadly proves that Simon Bird and Joe Thomas are one dimensional actors and their writing lacks one fundamental ingredient for a comedy, humour. i stuck it out for 20 minutes and gave up. Absolute rubbish.