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Christmas Supermarket Secrets

Thu Dec 12, 9-10pm, BBC1

Not only does the title of this festive food documentary make it sound a little tawdry, it’s also a little misleading, as this isn’t all that Christmassy. That’s not to say Gregg Wallace’s investigation into the massive agricultural, culinary and logistic challenges faced in keeping our supermarket shelves filled isn’t illuminating or entertaining, but you’ll learn just as much about salmon farming, strip-lighting and shopping trolleys as you will about turkeys and Christmas cakes. And sprouts. You’ll learn an awful lot about sprouts.

Is it a particularly British phenomenon that instead of choosing not to produce or buy this ghastly snot-flavoured plate-filler, we – or more specifically, Waitrose – instead expend so much time, technology and effort in farming, genetically modifying and painstakingly harvesting the little green bastards, instead of just cutting them out of Christmas entirely?