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Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Sat May 18, 8-11.15pm, BBC1

By Phil Harrison
Scandinavian-themed Saturday nights have been good to the Beeb. So much so that, for one night only, BBC1 will be joining in too. Tonight’s annual festival of Euro-kitsch bewilderment will be live from Malmö. Meanwhile, the favourite, Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest, will arrive, like Saga Norén in reverse, across the mighty Øresund bridge.

De Forest may be the bookies’ fancy but for our money – as a fan of Nirvana, Johnny Cash and Scottish folk music – she seems much too cool for Eurovision glory. Still, as any connoisseur of the event knows, the real fun of Eurovision isn’t to be found in the occasional outbursts of competence. The fun’s in the sheer lunacy and there should be plenty of that this year. As for Team GB, blowsy Welsh belter Bonnie Tyler is this year’s sacrifice. Mid-table obscurity almost certainly awaits…

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