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How to Find Love Online

Tue Jun 18, 10.35-11.35pm, C4

Episode one
It’s been a long time since online dating was seen as the preserve of geeks and weirdos (although there are specialist sites for zombie lovers and ‘horsey people’, if that’s your bag). But its growing popularity doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to navigate, and Dawn O’Porter’s two-part series follows the progress of 25 hopefuls as they try out an assortment of sites and approaches. She also chucks in some not especially rigorous science, chatting to a professor of evolutionary psychology and extrapolating some pretty broad conclusions from fairly limited results.

But the tone is exactly right: O’Porter keeps it lighthearted and engaging – she’s certainly mellowed since her run of BBC3 shows and no longer makes herself the story – and offers plenty of commonsense advice on dealing with a world which can seem pretty intimidating. If only tomorrow night’s remaining ‘Apprentice’ candidates had seen this before launching their own dating sites…