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Sun May 26, 9-10pm, Fox

Series one, episode two
‘Jo’s’ bewildering journey into French clichés, sledgehammer exposition and generic police procedural continues. This week, a former model is found hanging from the Eiffel Tower during Paris Fashion Week. Her lover’s wife is in the frame, but we can rely on Jo (Jean Reno) to burrow a little deeper into the Parisian demi-monde.

There he finds strippers, drug dealers and yet more speakers of the bizarre American Franglais that’s becoming this show’s unwelcome calling card. The accents are a significant distraction; some of the cast seem genuinely puzzled as to what triangulation of RP, cartoon Frenchness and East Coast Americanism is expected of them. There are decent performers here, Reno and Orla Brady chief among them. But they’re wasted on this dog’s dinner.