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Local Food: More Than Just the Veg

Fri Jul 19, 10-10.30pm, Community Channel

While more of a promotional video than a documentary, this has a simple but important story to tell. Dropping in on community gardens, cafés and centres, it shows the impact of the Lottery-funded Local Food programme around Britain.

Estate dwellers speak enthusiastically about the difference a shared garden has made to the local atmosphere, encouraging contact, helping the lonely and even reducing crime. Staff explain how vulnerable adults and excluded children have come out of their shells while tending to the vegetables, learning skills that have lead to jobs and further education. Adults with mental health issues credit it with increasing their confidence.

This chirpy little film focuses on the successes to a fault: no such scheme can be without its problems and the weather is mysteriously sunny throughout. But it’s hard not to feel buoyed by the prospect of green-fingered, healthy living boosting community life. And, with funding potentially due to dry up in March next year, no doubt that’s the point.