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Mad Men

Wed Apr 10, 10pm-12midnight, Sky Atlantic

Series six, episode one
After a slow start, season five reached a gripping, grim crescendo of mucky compromise involving a shocking act of desperation and the worrisome return of old ways. We’ll miss Lane, no doubt, but in cold narrative terms his demise served to drive some of his former colleagues to new heights (or depths, depending on your perception). What of the realisation of Joan’s professional ambitions, Pete’s seemingly inevitable rise to power or Roger’s gradual decline into irrelevance? And how will Peggy remain part of the story in her new job (creator Matt Weiner has promised she will)?

And then there’s Don, his marriage to Megan apparently crumbling and his eye roving – although leaked images would indicate them at least playing happy families on vacation in Hawaii. This double-bill opener sees Don taking on a new campaign, Roger rocked by some unwelcome news and Betty taking in a houseguest. More than that, we do not know. But savour it, because after this there is but one season remaining.