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Mad Men

Mad Men

Wed Jun 26, 10-11pm, Sky Atlantic

By Tom Huddleston
Series six, episode 13
The sixth season of ‘Mad Men’ has defined the word ‘uneven’. At it’s best it’s been tart, bracing and – at times – punishingly hard to watch, stripping our favourite characters down to their absolute emotional cores. At its worst it’s been little more than a scatterbrained soap opera, flitting from one underdeveloped storyline to the next (what happened to Dawn and her family? Did the writers just get bored?).

What’s worse, there hasn’t been nearly enough Roger Stirling. Now, at the end, we’ve zeroed in on a few key plot threads: Don’s booze-fuelled breakdown, Peggy’s ill-advised workplace romance and (best of all) Pete’s tussle with enigmatic golden boy Bob Benson. With the next season rumoured to be the last, we’ll be disappointed if this final episode isn’t wall-to-wall revelations and cliffhangers.

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