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Margaret Thatcher: Prime Minister

Mon Apr 8, 8.30-10pm, BBC1

By Gabriel Tate
At times of great national import, the TV audience generally turns to the BBC. So while other broadcasters will also be airing tributes to Margaret Thatcher (notably the reminiscences of Jon Snow on C4 at 8pm), Auntie will be coming under considerable scrutiny over the tone and content of this 90-minute documentary. How to balance the competing reponses of rejoicing and solemnity?

Given Thatcher's long decline, the BBC has had plenty of time to prepare, but the ongoing tumult over the coalition's brutal cuts to everything from the welfare state to the NHS makes this an especially delicate time to be addressing the enormous divisions opened up in British society during her 11-year reign. Such a substantial runnning time should give ample opportunity for the different sides of the debate to have their say and, whatever you think about her, there's no doubt that she changed Britain for ever.

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