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Meet the Landlords

Thu Jul 18, 10.35-11.25pm, BBC1

The not-always rosy tenant-landlord relationship makes for excellent television. Thankfully however, this documentary generally avoids the villain/victim clichés, seeing both sides in surveying the wider problem of a so-called ‘generation rent’ blighted by housing benefit cuts, and the landlords struggling to collect the rent on their side.

Landlord and self-proclaimed ‘HMO Daddy’ (what we once called bedsits are now ‘houses in multiple occupation’) Jim has made it good, making millions renting tiny, affordable flats to needy tenants (one abode in particular ‘smells like rotten cats’) – but unsurprisingly he and his tenants don’t always see eye to eye. On the other side, an accidental landlord is evicted from her own house after her temporary tenant refuses to budge. They’re extreme case studies of course, but keep things lively and entertaining.