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Neighbours: the Explosion

Tue Apr 16, 10-11pm, C5

We don’t normally do this sort of thing. But this is a special episode in recent ‘Neighbours’ history. Toadfish – who, in terms of both his hard luck story of a love life and his sheer endurance, is very much the Ian Beale of Ramsay Street – is getting married tonight. And this can only mean one thing – some sort of horrible tragedy. We wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up alongside the death of Kerry Bishop and the return of her dad Harold in the ‘Neighbours’ pantheon.

In the run-up to the terrible incident itself, the cheese is ramped up to Stinking Bishop levels. And then, suddenly, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Ramsay Street will never be the same again – although that grim prognosis might not apply to the cockroach-like Paul Robinson, who lurks around the fringes, as sneaky and implacable as ever. Aussie TV at its absolute best…