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OCD Ward

Mon Oct 28, 9-10pm, ITV

Perhaps the worst aspect of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for many sufferers is the self-awareness: you know what you’re doing is irrational, but you can do nothing about it. South London’s Springfield University Hospital is there to tackle that problem with the UK’s only 24/7 unit dedicated to treating OCD sufferers.

This mostly involves helping them to confront their issues step-by-step: to touch that door handle, to sit on that toilet seat, to hug the mother they’ve regarded as contaminated for the past three years. It’s occasionally heartbreaking, admirably unsentimental and well intended throughout, but we’ve been here many times before in TV documentaries; as personable as the people may be, fresh insights are thin on the ground.


graham hansard

Gabriel, This depth of programme hasn't been on ITV 1 at 9.00 pm before . It should reach a new audience. Amazingly very few Psychiatrists or indeed deep sufferers are aware of this free National facility and the more attention it gets the better for all of us. Other Professional TV Reviewers understand about Platforms and time slots.