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Sports Personality of the Year 2013; The X Factor: the Final

Sun Dec 15, 7.40-10pm, BBC1; 7.30-9.30pm, ITV

After last year’s post-Olympics love-in which was underpinned by a list of nominees containing ten shoe-ins in any other year, this year’s ‘Spoty’ should be considerably less dramatic. A Brit winning Wimbledon? This particular gong is surely a done deal; the only remaining frisson of tension will revolve around whether or not Andy Murray graces the ceremony with his presence, or whether Lennox Lewis is called into ham-fisted presentational action once again.

Things are much less clear-cut over on ITV, where ‘The X Factor 2013’ warbles its last. The show has received a ratings pasting from ‘Strictly…’ this year but, for our money, it’s been more watchable than usual thanks to the return of mad auntie Sharon. ‘The X Factor’s’ hegemony is waning but, with La Osbourne on board, you can bet it’ll go down fighting.