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The Apprentice

Wed May 22, 9-10pm, BBC1

Series nine, episode four
When it comes to ‘The Apprentice’, history skips out the tragedy and just repeats the farce. And so the task in which the teams man shops sees late opening, over-priced goods, over-diversification, corners cut and last-minute fire sales, all climaxing in a big group hug.

Tonight doesn’t offer too much in the way of surprises, unless you count Lord Sugar making the right call in the boardroom. But it’s a very superior time-passer as the two teams, with genders now necessarily mixed, stock up and sell goods for their pop-up farm shops in London’s Broadway Market. Evolve opt for buffalo steaks and lunchtime snacks, while Endeavour trust the instincts of one man and go all in on milkshakes. Low-level hilarity and cliché-mangling (‘he is a trickless pony – literally’) duly ensue.