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The Choir: Sing While You Work Final

Sun Dec 22, 9-10pm, BBC2

Series two, episode eight
The endgame approaches. But which three teams have made it to the final? And what will they be singing? ‘I hope it’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”,’ says one choir member. But no. For tonight’s conclusion, the choirs will be tackling a new composition by Paul Mealor, one of the competition’s judges. It’s a shrewd move: the piece has never been performed before so the teams have nothing to fall back on – they’ll be forced to devise their own approach.

Essentially, this boils down to a boring team, a complacent team and a team of plucky underdogs. Accordingly, Gareth Malone is faced with three very distinct challenges. The end result is as uplifting as always – it’s wonderful to see the transformative effect of singing on the most hard-bitten of timeservers. How much longer Gareth can keep doing this is surely a moot point but, for now, it ain’t broke so there’s probably no need to fix it.



Have just watched this on 27 Dec. after avidly following every week's episode and considering it the highlight of the week. BUT I will never watch it again after seeing the Finals this evening. It was so obvious that the bankers' team were the best and I feel it was a political decision to choose P&O. The judges themselves were seen saying they were the team that 'made the most progress', whereas I thought the winners should be the choir who sang the best on the night, who were undoubtedly the bankers. And by the way, I have nothing to do with banking ...