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The Three Day Nanny

Wed Sep 18, 8-9pm, C4

Episode one
Cycling into town like a ‘Call the Midwife’ character lost in time, Kathryn Mewes attempts to pick up where Supernanny Jo Frost left off and teach stressed parents how to cope with their kids, all before the wind changes. In this first episode, Kathryn, a graduate of the respected Norland College childcare course, plays Mrs Baylock to a pair of Damiens, three-year-old twins Alfie and Harry. With parents James and Susan at the end of their tethers after a noise complaint prompted by the kids’ incessant screaming, Mewes rides to the rescue.

While she obviously knows what she's talking about, Mewes, with her tiny suitcase and chintzy sleeping bag has such a cloying personality that it’s hard to take her advice seriously. One particularly irritating sequence – the producers were so proud of it that they play it to us three times – sees Mewes dementedly screaming ‘Jingle Bells’ in the beleaguered parents’ faces. She may get results, but the Three Day Nanny herself is far too irritating and twee to make this show work.


alison bentley

The 3 day nanny ,Kathryn Mews has a harsh manner towards parents and demeans them.Being a nanny can be an enjoyable job ,but I have never seen any Nanny allowing a child to wee in the garden on a tree,,,,,Maybe it would help if she were a mother herself ...Do her methods really work after 3 days!!!!