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Tue Apr 2, 9-10pm, ITV

Series two, episode one
Tim Kring’s unwieldy blend of science and spirituality enters its second season with Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) plucking his gifted son, Jake, from the clutches of shadowy conglomerate AsterCorp. This evil corporation is keen to exploit the predictive fruits of Jake’s obsession with numerical patterns.

But egghead AsterCorp co-founder Calvin (Lukas Haas) is starting to have doubts about the company’s motives – and what is religious nutter Guillermo (Said Taghmaoui) up to in Brussels? The latter at least constitutes a genuine threat of reasonable urgency, cutting through some of the show’s propensity for wishy-washy philosophising.

Haas is also a smart addition to the cast, with Calvin the latest in his procession of unsettling characters trailing all the way back to ‘Witness’. Sutherland and Maria Bello (playing the distressed mother of another child genius) have the makings of a decent double act and it’s an improvement on the sluggish first season, but ‘Touch’ still lacks a certain magic.