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Trojan Donkey

Fri Jun 28, 11.10-11.40pm, C4

Series one, episode two
If you listen carefully to the last 15 minutes of this second episode, you can hear the sickening sound of the hidden-camera barrel being scraped clean. Whereas many of this show’s antecedents understood that fly-on-the-wall comedy works best in short bursts, each of the sketches here drag on far beyond their natural life.

This week we follow another bunch of Glaswegian and Liverpudlian ‘characters’ interacting with unsuspecting members of the public; some of the skits have legs, but the best ones are put aside in favour of irritating voices and pratfalls. A scene where a woman tries to persuade a man to give her a kidney almost raises a smile, and there’s a nice sight gag involving a polaroid camera, but each ends up outstaying its welcome.

If you’re looking for something to watch after the pub on Friday night, you’d be better off sticking with the Beeb’s Glastonbury coverage.



Glaswegian and Liverpudlian characters? These guys are clearly Irish and have been making us laugh for years with their own show broadcast over here. I didn't think this episode was great but there were a few good moments. EP3 is very funny.