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The 5 best flaming cocktails in Los Angeles

Get ready to turn up the heat! These five flaming cocktails are setting Los Angeles bars ablaze right now.

Photograph: Becky Reams
Scorpion Bowl at Tiki No

Drinking and fire don't always go well together, but there's a time and a place for everything—like a spirited flame dancing on top of a spicy margarita. From tiki bars to Mexican restaurants, there are a few flaming cocktails worth ordering in LA, ones that enhance the drink rather than turning it into a complete fire hazard. A burning marshmallow, a fiery sugar skull—whatever you're into, these flaming cocktails are a sure way to get totally lit. Just, you know, not literally.

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Where to find the best flaming cocktails in LA

Toasted Marshmallow at Bigfoot West

From the fireplace to the signage (rendered in that quaint '50s National Park font) you'll feel perfectly at one with nature inside of Bigfoot West, a cabin-themed boîte in the neighborhood of Palms. Bigfoot West is well-known for their generous happy hour, but stick around for the full-priced Toasted Marshmallow. It's an insanely sweet affair, and a fun one to order: vanilla vodka, rum, 1921 Crema Liqueur, honey, and a dash of Fernet is topped with a flaming marshmallow garnish. Cozy up by the fireplace with your flaming drink and get toasty.

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Scorpion Bowl at Tiki No

The Valley has a few standout tiki bars; among them, Tiki No, a darkened dive where North Hollywood regulars come to smoke on the outside patio or congregate indoors and knock back tropical drinks. If it's date night, you'll want to canoodle in the hut-style booths over a shared Scorpion Bowl. The communal cocktail is a strong mix of gold rum, brandy, gin, orange and lime juice, orgeat and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Oh yes, there's a shot of overproof rum as well, which might be why this drink is so damn flammable. As a sparkler flames high in the center, take a sip and revel in the tiki spirit.

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North Hollywood

Flaming Margarita at El Compadre

What better way to celebrate a Dodgers win (or mourn their loss) than to stroll 10 minutes west of Dodgers Stadium and tuck into some authentic Mexican eats? El Compadre serves up homemade tortilla chips and salsa that rival any you'll find south of the border, but their flaming margaritas are the real draw. A traditional margarita is topped with a floating sliver of lemon that is lit on fire, resulting in a cool blue flame dancing around your glass. Order it on the rocks or blended, with salt or without, but don't skip out on that flame. With a live Mariachi band playing in the background, it's enough to make you forget the Dodgers altogether.

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Echo Park

The Brixton at Petty Cash Taqueria

Petty Cash offers Mexican street food in a setting that's as vibrant and colorful as it is inviting. With all the jalapenos floating around here, there's plenty of heat in the dining area. But what about at the bar? The Brixton, a blend of gin, poblano sorbet, habanero and fresh lime, comes with a pool of flaming chartreuse floating in half of a hollowed-out lemon. It's delicious, it's fiery and it pairs perfectly with chips and guac. What else do you need?

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Ghost Rider at Toca Madera

You could call Toca Madera a scene, but that shouldn't discredit the fact that it's a great place to come for a drink and some grub—especially if you're vegan. From the guacamole to the spicy tofu enchiladas, there's enough here to make a veggie lover swoon. There's also a drink that would make a pyromaniac's heart flutter: the Ghost Rider, made with blanco tequila, mint, lime and agave. A small sugar skull sits on top, boasting flames that lick the surface of the drink until you begin to sip away.

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West Third Street