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10 excuses to tell your family about why you're staying in L.A. for the holidays

Christmas lights in Los Angeles: Balian House.
Photograph: Michael Juliano Christmas lights in Los Angeles: Balian House.

No traffic, plenty of open parking and easy access to some of the city’s best Chinese restaurants without having to wait in line. Yeah, we don’t blame you for wanting to stay in Los Angeles over the holidays. But even though you know just how sweet of a treat it is to visit your favorite bars and restaurants without any crowds or be able to get from Pasadena to Santa Monica in less than 20 minutes, your family may not be so understanding when you aren’t there to open presents on Christmas day or light the Menorah. If you want to stay in Los Angeles for the holidays but don’t want to upset your family, here are some crafty excuses that’ll save you a trip to LAX. 

1. "I got cast as an extra in a Judd Apatow movie. It’s a sequel called Knocked Down, and my role just happens to film exactly from December 25 to January 1. I’ll tell Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd you said 'hi' though!"

2. "My yoga instructor tore her ACL and she needs me to substitute—I'm her prized pupil after all.”

3. "I got into a fender bender on the 405 and missed my flight."

4. "The pet hotel in West Hollywood lost my reservation and I have nobody to watch Mrs. Peanut Butter!"  

5. "I finally got tickets to the 'Infinity Mirror Room' at the Broad, and, you know, priorities." 

6.  "I got a new job and they want me to start tomorrow... I know, weird timing right?" 

7. "The Calexit committee is holding a meeting on Christmas Eve and I just can't miss it."

8.  "Awards season traffic is blocking my driveway in Beverly Hills. They must be having the Golden Globes really early this year, oh wait I’ll call you back, there’s Amy Adams!” (click.)

9. "My Uber driver took me to Burbank Airport instead of LAX, and there are no flights to the local airport."

10. I got lost while hiking in Malibu.

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