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If we see one more Urban Light selfie...
Photograph: B B / FlickrIf we see one more Urban Light selfie...

17 reasons for breaking up with someone that only make sense in LA

Written by
Kate Wertheimer

Every city has its own unique challenges when it comes to dating. We think Angelenos will agree that while it's hard being single in LA, it's even harder to keep dating someone despite one of the following drawbacks—or dealbreakers.

1. They live seven miles away from you, which can mean a maze of surface streets, three or four freeways and at least 45 minutes in the car each way.

2. Their dietary restrictions are just too much. When you eat with them, you can only order broccoli and seeds. Wait, actually, no seeds.

3. They’d rather flake out on a date with you than miss a spin class and pay the $25 cancellation fee—over and over again.

4. They’re already in a serious relationship with their agent.

5. They’re a diehard San Francisco Giants fan, so you can’t be seen with them in public from April to October.

6. They think Disneyland is just for kids.

7. They drive a Hummer.

8. ...Or don’t have a car at all.

9. You can’t get past the fact that their biggest success so far is a terrible commercial that plays constantly and that no one likes—not even them.

10. Their Instagram account is filled with about ten too many Urban Light selfies.

11. The only Mexican food they’ll eat is Taco Bell.

12. They keep talking about that one time they dated a model from The Price is Right.

13. Every time they meet your friends, they pitch their script.

14. They definitely went out with someone you know, and you know a little too much about what happened. Sometimes LA is just too tiny.

15. They continue to take really, really long showers (without you), despite our crippling drought.

16. They’re always getting down on LA. All they do is whine about traffic and stereotypes, and they hate it here soooo much...

17. ...that they’re seriously thinking about moving to New York.

So now that you've dumped that dummy you were seeing, may we introduce you to some of our amazing single friends?

Written by Time Out staff

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