5 boozy milkshakes and frozen drinks you need to try right now

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Danielle Silva

It’s hot in LA, like real hot. We’re talking triple-digit temps for some of you. Since perennial ice-cold showers are no longer an option (thanks, drought), there’s really only one thing that can make it all better. And that’s boozy milkshakes. Dessert that gets you buzzed. Doesn’t that just put a smile on your face? Screw the diet. Haven’t you sweat enough this summer? Ride the heat wave with these frothy treats. 

1. PCH Golden Milk Porter Float at Plan Check Fairfax

It takes two ingredients to make a great float: beer and ice cream. There’s no need to complicate things. Case in point, Plan Check’s PCH Golden Milk Porter Float ($12), which you’ll find under the “Sweets” portion of the menu. It's a glorious combination of Santa Monica Brew Works’ viscous Pale Chocolate Heaven Porter (PCH for short) and velvety vanilla bean ice cream. Something about the way the ice cream melts is just magical. If you are going to indulge on one beer float this summer, this one is it. 

2. Grasshipster at Westbound

Head over to the Arts District, where 300 Sante Fe neighbors Westbound and Van Leeuwen have collaborated on something really delicious through August only. Head bartender Dee Ann Quinones has whipped up three upgraded adult beverages incorporating far-out ingredients like earl grey and vegan matcha. But everyone’s favorite is the Grasshipster ($16)—a play on the '70s favorite “Grasshopper” cocktail—made with mint chip ice cream, Fernet Branca, crème de cacao and menthe. Your Instagram followers will be green with envy.  

3. Bananas Foster at 25 Degrees

Bananas foster as a beverage? Props to the geniuses over at 25 Degrees, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s groovy burger joint, for taking a classic dessert to a whole new level. Banana, homemade butterscotch sauce, nearly a pint of Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, and some hefty pours of Meyers and Sailor Jerry rums blend together to create the most decadent spiked shake around. One thing’s for sure, the Bananas Foster ($14) is definitely going to bring all the boys to the yard. 

4. Sabrinatini at Barton G. LA

Barton G. had us at chocolate monkey. It’s the adorable garnish on their signature Sabrinatini ($20), named after the Miami restauranteur’s pet primate, Sabrina. The cocktail itself features muddled watermelon (Sabrina’s favorite food), St. Germain, vodka, and triple sec, shaken, then topped with soda and a champagne popsicle frozen with liquid nitrogen. The result is rather hazy, mainly because of the dry ice, but also because there’s a lot of alcohol in this drink. The consistency is more slushee than creamy. 

5. Champagne Float at WP24 by Wolfgang Puck

For a sophisticated alternative, opt for the Champagne Float ($16) at WP24, situated on the rooftop patio of the Ritz-Carlton downtown. Doesn't get more ritzy than that. You’ll feel classy as all heck taking in the urban scenery, sipping a fizzy flute of Moët topped with a scoop of chef Megan Potthoff’s housemade Murray Family Farms cherry sorbet. The best part? It’s vegan. Figured you low-calorie imbibers would appreciate that.

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