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Everything you need to know about L.A.'s anti-Trump protests

Anti-Trump rally in Manhattan
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/mathiaswasik

If you’re looking to take to the streets to express your thoughts about the Inauguration of President Trump or other problems facing the city and world at large, you won’t be alone in the coming days. Large groups of Angelenos will be gathering for protests, rallies and marches across the region. If you want to join—or if you just want to plan to avoid the crowds and any associated traffic—here are some of the announced gatherings so you can plan accordingly.

Activism and Art: Protest Sign Making Workshop

Where: Women’s Center for Creative Work, 2425 Glover Place

When: Wednesday, January 18 from 7 to 10pm

What to expect: Get ready for a weekend of activism at this workshop which will include sign-making, skill and resource sharing and education for those who want to be sure they have a safe and fulfilling protest experience. Even if you can’t turn out for a march, the group is accepting donations of poster-making supplies to share.


Students United Against Hate Event

Where: MacArthur Park

When: Wednesday, January 18 at 4:30pm

What to expect: A group of high school students involved with the grassroots Schools L.A. Students Deserve coalition that works for local educational reforms has put together this event which seeks to offer a safe space for young people and their families who want to peacefully express their resistance to racism and nationalism as well as advocate for better schools. The event will include music, art and panel discussions.


Rally to Save Roe

Where: National Council of Jewish Women L.A. Council House, 543 N Fairfax Ave

When: Thursday, January 19 at 5:30pm

What to expect: Dozens of female-oriented advocacy groups and NGOs will be gathering for an event focused on reproductive rights for women. A program of speakers will offer demonstrators training and tips on protecting women’s health in uncertain times.


United Against Hate Anti-Trump Inauguration March

Where: Downtown L.A., meeting up at Olympic and Figueroa near L.A. Live  

When: Friday, January 20 from 11am to 6pm

What to expect: This large-scale demonstration is bringing together a variety of constituencies to voice their concerns. Expect protesters voicing their demands for immigrant, LGBT, minority and native people’s rights, investments in environmental protections and green energy, economic opportunity and other issues.


San Gabriel Valley March Against Trump

Where: La Puente, meeting at Maplegrove and Valinda

When: Friday, January 20 at 7pm

What to expect: Organized in solidarity with the Washington, D.C.-based #DisruptJ20 demonstrations, this protest takes place symbolically in an L.A. suburb known for a history of immigrant and Latin American rights activism that dates back to 1905, and the theme of the demonstration is that radical change can start in small communities and local neighborhoods.


Students for a Democratic Society Student Walk Out

Where: Schools nationally

When: Friday, January 20 at 11:59pm

What to expect: The SDS, with a history of non-violent protesting that dates back to the Civil Rights Movement, is encouraging students to walk out of school on Friday in protest of the Trump agenda. In particular, they seek to raise awareness around education access for minority and immigrant students, the preservation of DACA and rising tuition costs.


Women’s March Los Angeles

Where: Pershing Square in Downtown L.A.

When: Saturday, January 21 from 9am to 4pm

What to expect: This solidarity march with the massive Women’s March in Washington, D.C. and associated marches across the country is likely to be the largest of all the weekend’s demonstrations. Women and their allies will gather for a rousing hour-long program of speakers starting at 9am before starting a march to City Hall. The agenda for the day is to raise awareness of equality and justice for all.


Women's March Pasadena

Where: Pasadena City Hall

When: Saturday, January 21 from 8am to 9am

What to expect: This pre-rally before the main Women's March in Downtown will kick the morning off with local speakers before marchers move together en masse to hop on the Gold Line and make their way to join up with the women assembled at Pershing Square. 


Protect Marriage Equality and LGBT Rights Protest

Where: Los Angeles City Hall

When: Saturday, January 28 at 11am

What to expect: This smaller protest focuses specifically on the Trump administration’s attitude toward LGBTQ+ individuals, and in particular seeks to raise public awareness of his potential Supreme Court nominee William H. Pryor Jr, seen by many as a strongly anti-LGBT-rights judge.


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