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Michelle and Barack Obama are expected to make SoCal a post-White House home

Michelle and Barack Obama are expected to make SoCal a post-White House home
Photograph: Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon

According to reports, the Obamas may have purchased a home in Rancho Mirage. It has no doubt been a long and stressful eight years for Barack and Michelle Obama, so a West Coast house adjacent to extensive golf courses and other relaxing amenities makes sense. Or maybe they just wanted to keep a closer eye when Malia Obama hits Coachella, given what happened at Lollapalooza this year.

Rancho Mirage comes with presidential precedent. It was the post-White House home of Gerald Ford, as well. And, according to the New York Post, the rumored Obama property won’t be too far from the famed Annenberg estate known as Sunnylands that has served as an occasional California getaway for President Obama and seven of his predecessors.

If this is in fact happening, which the First Family has yet to officially confirm, the assumption is that the house will be furnished and decorated by interior designer Michael S. Smith. Smith has his own place in Rancho Mirage that the Obamas have visited and he was their choice to update the White House décor when they moved in. The L.A.-based designer’s partner James Costos was also President Obama’s appointment to serve as U.S. ambassador to Spain and Andorra, so they’re probably all pretty close friends.

The plan would be that, after the family leaves the White House in January, they will move into a private home in Washington, D.C. that will serve as their primary residence for at least the next couple of years. Their younger daughter, Sasha, intends to finish high school at the D.C. school she has been attending.

After that, who knows? You might just be bumping into the former president on the golf course any day of the week. 

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Geri M

We're delighted to welcome the former President and First Lady to Southern California.  I ignore the stupid comments of the Obama haters.

Leonard S


Bruce M

Please go to Chicago

Bonnie M

Oh goody he can be King if Kalif annex's ..LOL...

Al V

Why? To assist EMPEROR BROWN?

Geri M

@Al V if you don't like government by people who know how to govern, then move to D.C.

Molly M

No! Please no. Not California!

Gary H

Doesn't it look like in that picture at the top that Michelle has Barrack by the balls?

Sally M

@Gary H Doubtful, but funny you would know what that looks like!  LOL.

Dagny T

Another great reason to leave SoCal....

Sally M

@Dagny T Good idea!  Perhaps you would be more comfortable among your own type someplace like Alabama, Mississippi, or Texas. LOL!

Alicia D

No need. Plenty of us living in the nicer, safer neighborhoods that would welcome him over your type!

Donfitness N

Now L.A. is a sanctuary city for failed politicians.

Sally M

@Donfitness N FAILED politicians? What a completely ignorant comment. You must be a Trumpster. Obama was elected handily TWICE with both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote. Not exactly "failed."  What have YOU done with YOUR life, you ignoramus?

Molly M

Yes, failed politicians. Look at this place. It's a mess. Crime everywhere. High taxes to care for the illegals and our roads are a disaster. Don't fret. Donald will save the day. Barry is and was worthless.

Alicia D

Don't mind @sally M ! She's just feeling full of herself after she took her lawsuit money from Larry H Parker for the slip and fall she had at the Piggly Wiggly buffet a couple years ago and used it for her online diploma from "Phoenix College". She studied "Building your Gift Basket Business" and now she's feeling all smarty pants.

Fred J

So Chicago isn't good enough? Please find another state, or even better, another county.

Sally M

@Fred J Since he won California handily TWICE, why not settle here? Perhaps it's YOU who is in the wrong place. Perhaps you would be more comfortable among your own in Alabama, Mississippi, or Texas. LOL!

Alicia D

Seriously, lose all the LOL's! I got an image of some heavyweightwed chick laying on her sofa, catching a Judge Judy episode, laughing as she types with one hand, and holds a bag of vinegar salt chips in the other!

Alicia D

And quit acting like you represent everyone in the state. You don't. While you represent a majority of the "gimme gimme gimme more" crowd here in sunny so cal, that certainly doesn't quality you as the welcome wagon! There are plenty of us conservatives living in so cal. We just don't make more of as fast as so-called liberals do.

Henry H

That's right. There is a reason as to why property values are so high! Put aside the high taxes, and the high property value is evidence as to why it is such a great and desired place to live. It is one of the most coveted places to live in the country (like I said before, property values say it all). I know many very bitter people who had to move out of state because they couldn't afford to live here anymore. Now those bitter people constantly bash California and I have to remind them why they left in the first place. I live in a city in Orange County (A REPULICAN COUNTY IN CALIFORNIA NEXT TO LOS ANGELES), where the roads are either redone or new, the crime rate is almost non existent, and where the weather reins supreme to all other cities in this country (I have been to all major cities in the US many times for work). There will always be jealous California haters out there, but feel comforted in knowing we have everything here, from Disneyland, to the desert, to the mountains, to the most beautiful beaches, and the valley, all within just a little over one hour from each other!

Richard K

@Henry H Did you attend cheerleading school?  And by the way, people are leaving California for many more reasons than the cost of living here (which is absurd). Goody for you that you live in an elite conclave, where you can enjoy all the perks that many other Californians can only dream of. BTW, the beaches are not particularly beautiful, average at best, compared to others in the world.  Disneyland?  What's the price of admission these days, somewhere over $100 per person?  C'mon.  You're living in an alternate reality.