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We’ve gone too far: Now you can get glitter pizza in Santa Monica

Written by
Stephanie Breijo

Perfectly timed for Pride month and helping to sustain that undying unicorn food trend—why won’t it die?—one Santa Monica pizza spot is slinging glittery, rainbow pizza by the pie, and by god, they’re even providing a mural for you because we all know you're just going to do it for the ‘Gram

Behold one of the most popular pizzas to ever be fired in Dagwoods’ oven: the “Magical AF.” This adorable abomination is back after roughly a year and by popular demand, thanks in no small part to a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (h/t Nerdist).

The mom-and-pop pizza shop conjured this thing into being last year as a limited-run item, but received so many requests throughout the following months that the team decided to bring it back at the end of April, and have no plans to take it off the menu. 

“It’s outrageously popular, especially with kids,” says general manager Mark Peters. “You should see how happy some of these kids are—but really, people of all ages. Everybody’s pretty pumped about it.”

You may find yourself asking, “Dagwoods, why are you this way?” But Dagwoods cares not for your question, nor for your concern. Dagwoods continues on, forming concentric circles of multicolored sparkles until reaching a neon-purple bullseye. It’s a Dagwoods world, we’re all just living in it.

Let’s all pause our day to take a peek at some of Dagwoods’ other creations and question the existence of a higher power:

Our pizza isn't the only thing getting baked today 😉💨 #Happy420

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Dagwoods is located in Santa Monica at 820 Wilshire Blvd. They also serve regular pizza.

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