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The best Valentine’s Day date ideas in L.A.

Whether you’ve been dating for a week or are a happily married couple, these Valentine’s Day date ideas will ignite the fire

Naples, Long Beach
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Morten Rand-Hendriksen
By Stephanie Morino and Time Out contributors |

So you’ve got a Valentine, but now you need to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date. Whether this is also your first date (ballsy) or that engagement ring has been on your finger for years, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show your significant other just how much they mean to you. So be thankful you’re not spending the day at a singles bar and start planning an epic time with these local Valentine’s Day date ideas. 

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Valentine’s Day date ideas in L.A.

Naples, Long Beach
Photograph: Courtesy Ameer Basheer
Things to do

Snuggle up during a gondola ride

Long Beach

Everyone knows about the Venice Canals, but a few towns south in Long Beach there’s a slightly lesser known canal system. Unlike in Venice, here you can go on a gondola ride around the island neighborhood of Naples through the Gondola Getaway. Each ride includes a blanket, cups and an ice bucket—you’re allowed to bring your own food and drinks with you. For Valentine’s Day, the company is offering a $150–$200 package (depending on the day, Feb 13–16) that includes a red rose and a picture keepsake.

cooking classes in Los Angeles
Photograph: Courtesy Shutterstock/Kzenon

Cook dinner at home—after taking some classes

Whether you just started dating or you’ve been together so long that you don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore, cooking your significant other dinner at home is always a nice, easy option to celebrate the holiday. If you’re not normally a cook and you want to up the ante a bit, start taking some cooking classes to really show you’re trying.

Sunset Marquis
Photograph: Courtesy Sunset Marquis

Book a room at one of L.A.’s most romantic hotels

There’s something about staying the night in a hotel that tends to spice things up for couples, particularly those who live together. Chalk it up to a change of scenery; surprising your significant other with a night at one of L.A.’s most romantic hotels is a surefire way to heat things up this Valentine’s Day.

Palm Springs
Photograph: Michael Juliano

Hit the road

Road trips are a great way to get to know someone better—and they’re a quick getaway option with your one true love. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, you’ll probably be hitting the road with other wanderlusting couples—so maybe head out the weekend before or after. No matter where you go, as long as you’re together having fun, the destination is just icing on the cake!

Buzz Wine Beer Shop.
Photograph: Courtesy Buzz Wine Beer Shop

Sip on some delicious wines

What are two items that go hand in hand with Valentine’s Day? Wine and chocolates. Okay, so you may have to bring your own chocolates to these spots, but they’ll have the wine covered for the ultimate Valentine’s Day wine tasting experience.

Nobu Malibu
Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Have dinner at one of L.A.'s most romantic restaurants

Lady and the Tramp had the right idea—what better way to celebrate with your significant other than sharing a romantic meal? Whether you’re looking to wine and dine on a rooftop, cozy up on a first date or splurge to celebrate a special occasion, we’ve got you covered with a round-up of L.A.’s best restaurants that lay on the charm.

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