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Castle in the Forest
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

5 castles you can rent in L.A. that look straight out of a fairy tale

These storybook homes, apartments and hotels are all available for overnight stays.

Michael Juliano
Written by
Michael Juliano

Los Angeles doesn’t lack unique vacation rentals, be they beachfront mansions or glammed-up treehouses. But there’s one type of stay that eclipses the rest: castles.

Neither from the Middle Ages nor actually fortified, we’re sure plenty of Europeans would laugh at us calling any of these castles. But there are a few places offering overnight stays in L.A. that sure check all of the fairy tale boxes for us. 

Of course, L.A. is full of real estate that’s constantly reminding you how poor you are, so what’s to separate a castle from your standard Hancock Park chateau or Malibu villa? We came up with a highly unscientific formula for classifying what does and doesn’t fit the definition: If you snapped a photo and told your friend it’s a castle, would they agree? To us, that ultimately comes down to details like turrets, towers, lancet windows and parapets. There are plenty of palatial homes that look like distinguished Tudors or Italian-style villas, but only these rentals below look like bona fide castles.

(Oh, and in case calling them castles didn’t tip you off, these absolutely aren’t cheap, but we’ve tried to include a couple of relatively more affordable entry points.)

5 legit castles that you can rent in L.A.

You’ve likely longingly stared at this storybook structure with intrigue while stuck in traffic on the 101 near the Cahuenga exit (not too far from the also-magnificent Hollywood Tower). Well it turns out you can rent this five-bedroom castle (with a sixth sleeping area inside the turret), as well as an adjacent modern home. Inside, columns and arches mix with modern style; outside there’s a hot tub on the rooftop; and somewhere in between you’ll find a greenhouse-like patio encased among the turrets.

From $1,557 per night.


All of the castle touchstones are there (turrets, stained glass, high ceilings, chandeliers) but there’s nothing medieval about the accommodations at this stunning Hollywood Hills home. You’ll find fancy appliances, a bathroom with more showerheads than we could count and a lush, semi-tropical yard with an outdoor fire pit, pool and spa. You can rent the entire thing or just the upper floor.

From $707 per night.

The only actually-affordable entry in this list is of course going to come with some drawbacks: The interior of this space looks just like a colorful, contemporary apartment—because, you know, it is. But this one-bedroom rental resides in an apartment complex with all the exterior hallmarks of a castle (and within walking distance of Belmont Shore’s restaurants and bars to boot).

From $171 per night.

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We’re bending our castle definitions a bit for Riverside’s block-sized Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, which earns its spot here for its relative affordability and because, well, just look at it. The century-old hotel may not have citadel-like turrets and fairy tale towers, but it is adorned with minarets, a medieval clock and Mediterranean domes. It’s a mutt of revival styles—Spanish Colonial, Moorish, Renaissance—that combine to make a distinctly Southern Californian castle (though the rooms lean more toward standard hotel aesthetics, with the exception of the suites).

From $229 per night.

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