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Luxury castle at night with trees
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

The 16 most unique Airbnbs in Los Angeles

From castles and train cars to mountain escapes, these are the most unique Airbnbs across L.A.


L.A. The place of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and all those snazzy jazzy places. Why would you settle for anything less than a super cool and unique Airbnb? From boho hideaways in the mountains to bright and colorful hilltop villas giving you Old Hollywood star vibes, there are plenty of quirky places to stay compared to your standard (even luxury) hotels. 

L.A. is an architectural playground, with gorgeous homes nestled in the canyons, steps from the ocean, or in the heart of the action. Below, you'll find our selection of the most unique Airbnbs in L.A. for your next trip, whether they're just crazy quirky, stunning, or impossibly located, there's something you'll love here. 

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Who makes the cut? While we might not stay in and review every Airbnb featured, we've based our list on our expert knowledge of the destination covered, editorial reviews, user reviews, hotel amenities and in-depth research to find you the best stays. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

Unique L.A. Airbnbs

1. John Lennon's iconic hilltop home in Laurel Canyon

Speechless – almost. This place is jaw-droppingly beautiful. But then again, it was the former residence of The Beatles' main man and legend, John Lennon – talk about an eye for design. Picture this: sunlight streaming through not one, but four terraces, casting a cool, shady, golden-hour glow throughout the home. Inside, you'll find unique touches like original Danish mid-century furniture, Japanese sliding doors, and dark wood-paneled ceilings. And as you take in the sweeping views over Laurel Canyon, you'll swear every day feels like a leisurely Sunday while vacationing here.

What’s the budget range? A pretty penny, but it's worth every dollar for the history and the serenity.  

What’s it like to stay here? Peaceful with stunning views of the hills – the tram ride up alone is incredible.  

Rooms: 3 beds, 1.5 baths. Sleeps 4. 

2. A legit castle in the Hollywood Hills

Turrets, stained glass, high ceilings, chandeliers, details reliefs—yep, this is a castle, alright. But there’s nothing medieval about this stunning Hollywood Hills home; you’ll find fancy appliances, a bathroom with more showerheads than we could count, an outdoor fire pit and a pool and spa. Everything modern royalty could need. The castle itself is unique too (not many of them in Los Angeles is there) it's an example of something called 'Filmic Storybook Architecture' which had a moment in the 1920s and early 30s. This one's a 1931 building. 

What’s the budget range? A little hefty, but we all deserve a few nights in luxury, right!?

What’s it like to stay here? Like a fairytale in the hills. It's incredibly spacious, archaic, and just plain magic. 

Rooms: 2 beds, 1 bath. Sleeps 3. 


3. A designer doodle studio in Glendale

Okay, we know at first glance that it's A LOT but this unique Airbnb in Glendale is so worth the visit. Coined the doodle studio – as it's fully clad in doodle art by world-famous artist @prettydone – this property is ideal for a couple of pals looking for somewhere unique to call home for a few days. Located near Hollywood, this is luxury artsy living at its best. Oh, and if you need a moment's respite from the craziness, head to the bathroom where wall art is at a minimum. 

What’s the budget range? A budget-friendly steal for solo adventurers or couples who want to be close to Downtown L.A.

What’s it like to stay here? We call the artist's wonderland.

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 2. 

4. A super-cute tiny home in the forest in Topanga

This award-winning, hand-crafted home may be small, but it offers everything you need to have an unforgettable forest getaway. Tucked into the trees on a one-acre property, the home overlooks a gorgeous view of Topanga State Park, with direct access to the state park trail. The home itself packs a stone fireplace, cute lofted bed, television, and cute furnishings into just 30ft of space. Perfect for a couple's getaway or even a solo adventure. You don't really need much else, keeping it simple and natural is often the perfect way to destress. Goodbye clutter, hello sweet fresh Californian air.

What’s the budget range? One for the for the big spenders. 

What’s it like to stay here? Right up your street, if you're looking for somewhere cozy and Secluded. 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 2. 



5. The medieval themed guesthouse near Universal Studios

This medieval-themed Airbnb in L.A. - known as the red Drake Inn - is certainly unique. Differing from the typical luxe Airbnbs, with clean-cut, modern interiors, this Airbnb is definitely a different experience. Sleeping up to three guests in one queen-sized bed and a single bed, it's perfect for small families or a couple's getaway. The medieval charm runs throughout the Airbnb but don't worry, it still provides you with the modern conveniences you'll need for a comfortable stay. A bit like a fantasy inn set in Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, the studio Airbnb includes a bathroom, Wi-Fi, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a stone fireplace for ultimate cozy vibes. Open the double doors into the private yard space where you'll find a courtyard patio with fire pit and gas grill, ideal for dining in the L.A. heat.

What’s the budget range? An absolute steal for Glendale –know for its thriving entainment district. 

What’s it like to stay here? No detail has been spared to turn this place into a fantastical realm.

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 3. 

6. The architectural wonder in West Hollywood

If the views don't sell it to ya, then we don't know what will. This stunning architectural wonder Airbnb in West Hollywood, L.A. is worth staying at for the views alone of the spectacular Sunset Strip. Gather your best buds, the Airbnb sleeps five guests and is packed full of things to make your stay comfortable and memorable. The rustic wooden vibe gives a cozy, homely atmosphere, with the modern touches ensuring you're perfectly comfortable. From the luxurious bathroom to the outdoor deck, you'll be blown away. 

What’s the budget range? A luxury weekend for a decent price - ideal for a group of friends or families. 

What’s it like to stay here? You'll feel like a 'Hollywood star' in this beautiful home. 

Rooms: 2 beds, 2 baths. Sleeps 5.


7. A mansion with secrets fit for Houdini in Laurel Canyon

The first thing to know about the Houdini Estate: It’s unlikely the legendary magician ever owned it or lived there, but he may have rehearsed acts in the property’s deepwater tank, because well, they're in short supply aren't they. The second: In the Before Time, this mansion was best known for big-budget weddings and parties. But now? It’s a (pricey) way to play king for the day and have an entire four-bedroom mansion to yourself—including its Escher-like tangle of staircases and who knows how many secret passages. Still, it's a pretty cool place to stay and has a douze of the charm and mystery of lovely old time Hollywood that'll absolutely deep into your vibes whle here.   

What’s the budget range? More like a downpayment – ideal for large group bookings.  

What’s it like to stay here? It's a mystical and grandiose playground of sorts. These magnificent grounds are full of Houdini memorabilia 'round every corner.

Rooms: 4 beds, 4.5 baths. Sleeps 10.

8. A light-filled loft in Venice

Airbnb is full of cutesy Airstream and loft rentals, but we’d say this one sets the bar (and the pricepoint) sky-high. This is an incredible, sun-filled designer loft space that, fun fact, is part of a multi-million dollar complex created by a well-known Venice producer/director/designer. It’s definitely unique, with views over Venice and Santa Monica from three balconies. If you're in L.A. for a big old hit of the Vitamin D specifically, this might well be the place to call temporary home. Health is wealth, after all. 

What’s the budget range? A whole lotta' luxury. 

What’s it like to stay here? From the keyless entry to its unique layout, this loft is a sleek and relaxing base for exploring Venice Beach. 

Rooms: 2 beds, 1 bath. Sleeps 3.


9. A modern sanctuary in Hollywood Hills

Okay but say you want to go all out. You want Kardashian-style gaff. Maybe even more elaborate than Kardashian, more, king of the Silicone Valley-style accommodation but on the Hollywood Hills? Well, it has to be this place. Sleeping a dozen across six rooms means the cost can become sort of tangible. The good stuff. Look at it, truly modern, whites and glasses in fun shapes. 6,500 sq ft, cost 7 million dollars to build. The six bedrooms have en suites of course, and there's also a jetted hot tub on the roof, a pool table in the second living room, and multiple balconies with great views of downtown LA and Santa Monica's beaches. All the water is filtered, even the toilet... because why not. We could go on. Selling sunset vibes guaranteed: either way.  

What’s the budget range? A pocket-friendly vacation for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

What’s it like to stay here? Gawdropping glamour, dah! It's the ideal spot for those who want a taste of L.A. nightlife.  

Rooms: 6 beds, 5.5 baths. Sleeps 12.

10. The bungalow over the water in Malibu

Although not technically over the water, this bungalow Airbnb in Malibu, L.A. is literally on the beach, at arm's length of the water. Sleek, modern, and with a touch of beachy vibes, this Airbnb is the one to stay at for a cute beach trip but close to urban areas if you want a break from sunbathing (as if!). Watch the gorgeous sunset from the comfort of the sofa with the enormous floor-to-ceiling windows, or have a cheeky cocktail out on the balcony and take in the salty air. We feel calmer already.

What’s the budget range? A fair price for this ocean paradise.

What’s it like to stay here? It's a beachy oasis with front-row vistas. 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 4. 


11. A tranquil retreat in Topanga

Light wood, big glass, all the light. Super sleek appliances and interiors, views of the Santa Monica mountains. Yes, this place is promising a peaceful holiday people. Nearby you're able to hike, mountain bike, surf, and do horseback riding. All of the altitudes covered. There's also yoga and artist studios. That's all assuming you even bother leaving this beautiful temporary home (and its lovely garden) of course. 

What’s the budget range? A moderately-priced short break, great for families.

What’s it like to stay here? A peaceful retreat, perfect for enjoying picnics and a scenic drive down to the beach. 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 4.

12. A kitsch jungle playground in Topanga

This house, which calls itself a Pirates of the Caribbean getaway, is a lot, me hearties. It’s all tiki and seashells and laser lights, with Jungle Cruise-meets-Indiana Jones decor (and a questionable teepee). But we legitimately love the lush flora and general vibe—just make sure your tolerance for kitsch is strong as there are 73 photos for you to fawn over. From the practical side, it sleeps two and there's a sauna. 

What’s the budget range? A moderate price for a truly unique escape for two. 

What’s it like to stay here? It's literally your gateway to a secluded tropical paradise. Santa Monica and Malibu are close by too, which is a huge plus. 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1.5 baths. Sleeps 2. 


13. A penthouse in southern L.A.

Live it up like you know you should on a vacation (or even staycation) to L.A. in this light-filled Vernon penthouse. Located right between Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, this snazzy spot makes exploring the city super easy and it makes coming home even better. There are floor-to-ceiling windows flanking the entire two-bed apartment, which also has two bathrooms, a walk-in closet and a fully equipped utility room and kitchen. There's even free parking for one car.

What’s the budget range? It ain't cheap, but it isn't high-end either. Think mid-range prices.

What’s it like to stay here? Luxury living with views that stretch further than the eye can see.

Rooms: Two. Sleeps four guests.

14. A colorful caboose with mountain views in Cornell

Yes, this studio is inside a train car. And as you'd expect, combines rustic charm with some lavish-looking touches. Outside, you can climb on top the caboose to find a patio with views of the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains which is highly recommended. Do note that there’s a metalworking studio on the property that’s active on weekdays—but the resident peacocks, parrots and hummingbirds should hopefully balance that out with some more pleasant noise. Besides, you're near Malibu, so you'll probably be out exploring for the most part, won't you?

What’s the budget range? An affordable couple's trip with a great selection of wineries and restaurants nearby

What’s it like to stay here? Odd is the new charming when it comes to this quirky home tucked away in Agoura Hills.

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 2. 


15. An indoor-outdoor craftsman in Venice

This Venice guest cottage feels like it’s distilled every aesthetic of the California dream into a single structure: raw wood and industrial-chic surfaces meet clean, cushy furniture and a vine-covered outdoor bathroom, all wrapped up in an airy Craftsman-inspired space. Beautiful, simple, elegant and quintessentially L.A. Adjective-evocation aside, the place is situated in a beautiful garden right by Venice Beach, so if you're looking to keep the outdoor vibes when you go and unwind somewhere a little more private, well this is sure the place for you.

What’s the budget range? It's a pricey 30-night minimum – ideal for the digital nomad who wants to skip town for a while. 

What’s it like to stay here? Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, yet just moments from the beach and all the best restaurants and bars. 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 3. 

16. A studio cottage in North East Los Angeles

This unique studio cottage is self-described as 'craftsman-esque in style' and we see what they're saying. It's like someone saw the place and truly put their stamp on it. A great example is the partially open ceiling and skylight, perfect for those of you who love architecture. This is also a great pool to stay in during the summer. Want to know why? It has a great non-heated pool that you can use to cool down in the hot Los Angeles summer months. There is one bedroom and one bathroom so it's perfect for solo travellers or couples looking for a serene getaway.

What’s the budget range? A cheap and humble abode.  

What’s it like to stay here? The marvelous landscaping and the proximity to the Gold Line make this place a real gem.

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 2. 

Looking for more scenic escapes?


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