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Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

The 7 most amazing treehouse rentals worth the drive from L.A.

Live out your childhood dreams in these treehouses near L.A., including rustic cabins and swanky suites

Written by
Michael Juliano
Kate Wertheimer
Kai Oliver-Kurtin

Itching to get out of town, and ready to brave the elements while glamping? In lieu of a mundane hotel stay, try an Instagram-worthy treehouse on Airbnb. Maybe it’s because living in a treehouse is a childhood dream made real, or perhaps we have some deep-rooted desire to get in touch with nature on a level we rarely get to these days. Either way, we love the idea of having our living quarters suspended in the sky. 

Our roundup of the best treehouse rentals include approximate drive times from L.A., but we all know the time of day can majorly impact traffic patterns. Perhaps that’s another good reason to escape the concrete jungle and spend some quality time in nature, which can help lower your stress level and boost your mood.

Unlike your childhood treehouse, you won’t have to worry about pesky parents interrupting playtime to tell you dinner’s ready. But some of these treehouse rentals do come with breakfast prepared by the host, or a full kitchen to prepare your own food. Because of their intentionally remote locations, it’s best to pack some snacks and drinks to have on hand at these treehouses. 

If you share our dream of treehouse living, check out our list of some of the best Airbnb rentals worth the drive from L.A. that will surely make your friends jealous. Oh, and happy adventuring!

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7 amazing treehouse rentals within driving distance of L.A.

45 min. from L.A.; $136 per night

This backyard hangout is just a stone's throw from L.A. Okay, only if you can throw a stone 45 minutes down the road, but still, it's close. The multi-level treehouse stars a rooftop patio among the branches and a twisty slide to get back to the ground quickly (which is everyone's childhood dream). You’ll also find a double bed and a small kitchen inside, with a private bathroom detached from the house.

5 hours from L.A.; $155 per night

Built by a stained glass artist, this treehouse has its main tree growing directly through the living area (and another through the bathroom!). There’s a comfy high-bed, kitchen with a small stove and refrigerator, a full bathroom with a shower and toilet, and a gas stove for heating, along with a TV and DVD player. There’s also a 103-degree hot tub on the premises for late night or early morning soaks.


5.5 hours from L.A.; $981 per night

A midcentury treehouse? We’re in love. The open kitchen, sweeping views and stylish furniture are far more dream house than rustic cabin, but there are still plenty of treehouse vibes with two levels of walkways to reach the home and a hammock on the patio. It’s easily the priciest pick on our list, but the three bedrooms help cushion the cost a little bit.

5.5 hours from L.A.; $355 per night

With sweeping views of Silicon Valley and a pair of lofted beds, this spot feels like the backyard clubhouse you always wanted to build. Wind up the spiral staircase and you’ll find tons of windows here, plus a full bathroom and kitchenette.


6.5 hours from L.A.; $725 per night

This cozy treehouse isn’t entirely secluded, but it’s definitely a retreat. The treehouse is actually a signature suite at the larger Danehill Manor resort. You’ll find a queen bed plus a private bathroom and shower in your mid-tree abode, but there are plenty of other amenities on the rest of the reservoir-front property, including dining experiences, horsemanship, dog training, massages, yoga and meditation (though all for an extra cost).


1 hour from L.A.; $214 per night

This little treehouse sits on a 10-acre family farm, which means waking up with the roosters before strolling the orchard to collect fresh eggs. Though the house isn’t built into an actual tree, it sits suspended nine feet up in a grove of orange and avocado trees—does it get more California dreamy than that? For the kid in you, there’s a pole to slide down and a basket hoist for transporting eggs and fruit. And for the adult in you that needs to relax, ask about the professional massage therapist on-call.

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