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Minimalist Modern Cabin - Amazing Views
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

11 desert Airbnbs near L.A. for a sunny getaway

Cool off in the pool or go for a hike from these desert Airbnbs within a couple of hours from L.A.

Michael Juliano
Written by
Michael Juliano

No matter how many times you visit, exploring the desert is a magical experience. The dramatic landscapes and stunning color palettes are breathtaking at any time of year—and there are plenty of unique Airbnbs that will elevate your adventure to extraordinary. 

So, if you're craving some sun, blue skies and relaxation, then consider renting one of the below desert Airbnbs outside of Los Angeles. We're focusing on the crescent between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree; we think there’s simply more to do around there—whether in the design-minded city or the rocky national park—compared to destinations deeper in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts.

We’ll offer one other bit of advice before diving into the desert Airbnbs below: Prices and crowd levels tend to increase in the cooler months. If you don’t plan on hiking and just want to relax, we’d actually encourage a summertime trip to our pool-equipped picks to save a few bucks; 110-degree heat is totally tolerable with a cold drink, some shade and a dip in the water.

Here’s what you should know about traveling to and from L.A. right now.

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11 desert Airbnbs near L.A.

3hr from L.A.

This cabin may not be very big, but it sits on five acres of desert wilderness. The restored 1955 structure balances the rustic with the contemporary (a hot shower, Wi-Fi and air conditioning). Can’t sit still? Spend the day hiking: You’re only minutes from the entrance to Joshua Tree.

2hr 30min from L.A.

Some spots say that they’re off the grid, but this one really earns the distinction. This minimalist cabin, with nothing more than a bed and a patio, is entirely solar powered and set among the mountains. Thankfully, you’ll still find air conditioning and a swamp cooler to balance out the sunlight coming through the plastic walls. The cabin sits on a larger 100-acre property with two other short-term rentals, but you’ll largely have the area—and the detached kitchen and bathroom—to yourself.


2hr 30min from L.A.

You’ll see nothing but mountains and sandy hillsides in every direction from this desert dome, even though you’re only minutes from the highway. It’s as well-appointed as it is seemingly isolated: A bright, beautiful midcentury-inspired interior with wood accents overflows into a patio with an outdoor fireplace that overlooks the 112-acre property.


3hr from Los Angeles

This super-slick one-bedroom rental is an ideal launching pad for High Desert adventurers. Not only is it 15 minutes from the Joshua Tree National Park gates, but it's got everything you need for a luxe desert escape; we're talking a hot tub, BBQ, local, organic shower products and all-new appliances. To top it all off, it's fully solar-powered for net-zero emissions.


2hr 15min from L.A.

Known as Rock Heach House, this modern minimalist home has been featured in several architectural magazines for good reason. Perched atop enormous weathered boulders and surrounded by desert oak trees, the property makes great use of its stunning view with wall-to-ceiling windows and glass doors. Despite its proximity to the Town of Yucca Valley, you'll feel as if you're secluded in the middle of Joshua Tree National Park. There's also a four-person hot tub, outdoor fireplace and stargazing platform with loungers. Desert life doesn't get much better than this.


2hr from L.A.

This indoor-outdoor space is a lot. A gas fireplace next to the tub? Lovely! Another in the bedroom? Oh, nice! And one built into the kitchen counter? Uh, sure. But some of the maximalist design decisions are precisely what make it a unique home, particularly its massive windows, shaded spa and a little bridge over water that separates the two bedrooms.

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