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Secluded Airbnb near Los Angeles
Photograph: Airbnb

8 best secluded Airbnbs near Los Angeles

Find peace, quiet, and plenty of open space at these secluded Airbnbs within three hours of L.A.

Written by
Michael Juliano
Ed Cunningham
Georgia Evans
Alex Floyd-Douglass
Camila Karalyte

Ok, so you’ve decided, for whatever reason, that you really, really want to get away from Los Angeles for a while. We’re talking a ‘jump in the car, pick up some groceries and get as far away from other people as poss’ kinda getaway. But sometimes, for these kinds of trips, conventional vacation rentals simply won’t do – so where should you go?

Well, luckily Airbnb is packed full of secluded rentals perfect for getting away from it all. We’ve scoured everything within a three-hour radius of L.A. for the region’s finest Airbnbs, all of which offer a bucketload of space, acres of clean air, and, vitally, a whole load of peace and quiet. Just a quick note: We’ve included a couple of guest houses in our list, but all of them offer separate entry and private amenities.

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Who makes the cut? While we might not stay in every Airbnb featured, we've based our list on top reviews, hosts and amenities to find you the best stays. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines

Secluded Airbnbs near L.A.

The architectural gem in Santa Ynez
Photograph: Airbnb

1. The architectural gem in Santa Ynez

When you think of secluded getaways, it’s usually rustic cabins or grand ol’ country houses that come to mind – not spectacularly modern architectural gems like this Airbnb in Santa Ynez. Called the Shunem Bread House, guests get the entire upper floor (ie. that bit that looks like a wooden cabin on stilts), which is completely separate from the rest of the ranch. The rental’s enormous rooftop patio (and its monumental mountain views) is also exclusively reserved for guests. 

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps four guests. 
The mood? Very suave.
Distance? 2hr 5min from L.A.
Budget? On the pricier end, but well worth it for those sweeping mountain views – slay mother nature. 
Time Out tip: Explore Santa Ynez in all of its quaint glory by sampling its finest Danish baked goods, wineries and breweries while you're in town. 

The sprawling dome retreat in Yucca Valley
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

2. The sprawling dome retreat in Yucca Valley

You’ll see nothing but mountains and sandy hillsides in every direction if you stay at this desert dome, even though you’re only minutes from the highway. It’s as well-appointed as it is seemingly isolated: a bright, beautiful midcentury-inspired interior with wood accents overflows into a patio with an outdoor fireplace that overlooks the 112-acre property. Now, this is peace and quiet. 

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps six guests.
The mood? An architectural oasis – let's all do a double-take on the pool. 
Distance? 2hr 30min from L.A.
Budget? An affordable steal for you and the pals. 

The geodesic dome in Palm Springs
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

3. The geodesic dome in Palm Springs

Feel like a Bond villain or a jet-setting hermit in this glassy geodesic dome just outside of Palm Springs. You’ll find the three-bedroom home at the end of a dirt road, with wind turbines, mountains, and mostly open desert as a backdrop from the main 26-foot-tall living area. Inside the dome, it's a white-walled oasis accentuated with exposed brick and futuristic furnishings that make entering this space feel like a new dimension entirely. 

Rooms? Four bedrooms. Sleeps eight guests. 
The mood? Off the grid and into a desert paradise. 
Where? 2hr from L.A.
Budget? An affordable weekend adventuring in Palm Springs.

The jackrabbit cabin in Wonder Valley
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

4. The jackrabbit cabin in Wonder Valley

2hr 45min from L.A.

Rugged mountains, a huge expanse of sky with twinkling stars come nightfall, incredible sunsets... this is your little slice of secluded desert heaven. Sure it’s not super luxe but really, you’re here for the isolation, right? And by the way, those views are best enjoyed from the cowboy pool, outside on the sand.

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps four guests. 
The mood? Dessert chic. 
Distance? 2hr 45min from L.A.
Budget? Enjoy a month-long in luxury. 

The romantic birdhouse in Topanga
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

5. The romantic birdhouse in Topanga

Topanga is full of charming hideaways, but we think this 1923 cottage, dubbed 'the Birdhouse,' makes for a particularly enticing retreat. The interior is bright but cozy, with floor-to-ceiling views of the hillside from the bedroom plus a wraparound deck. You’ll even find a private trailhead on the property.

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps four guests.  
The mood? Rustic glam. 
Distance? 45min from Downtown L.A.
Budget? A budget-friendly couple's retreat.

The quaint glass cottage near Santa Barbara
Photograph: Airbnb

6. The quaint glass cottage near Santa Barbara

Be careful not to unwittingly walk into the walls of this Airbnb, which has been cleverly blended into the surrounding forest with a mirrored façade. Plonked in the middle of three acres of space and surrounded by oaks and sycamores, the rental includes not just the "glass cottage" itself but an outside lounge, kitchen, shower, and bathhouse, as well as a hot tub. If you’re looking to hang up yer boots, sink into a hammock and reconnect with nature, there are few places better.

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps two guests. 
The mood? Optical wonderland.
Where? 1hr 30min from L.A.
Budget? A high-end couple's glamping trip. 

The orchard escape in Ojai
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

7. The orchard escape in Ojai

This one-bedroom guest cottage doesn’t sit too far from the property’s main house, but we think you’ll barely notice it. The leafy patio overlooks a gorgeous orchard and jaw-dropping mountain view at the end of a private road. Get your fill of Ojais famous "Pink Moment" at sunset, by firing up the grill and cracking open a cold one. You'll find more than enough to entertain you here: yoga mats, a picnic basket, board games, boogie boards and more. 

Rooms? One bedroom. Four guests. 
The mood? Dreamy views.
Where? 1hr 30min from L.A.
Budget? Not too-shabby for month-long nomadic adventure between four pals.

The stone cottage near Solvang
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

8. The stone cottage near Solvang

This stunning studio south of Solvang sits on the same sprawling piece of property as the main house, but, well, that’s basically the only other thing around. Being on a 20-acre vineyard has its perks, too; you can roam the property, have a dip in the pool, and cook pizza in an outdoor oven all in one day.

Rooms? Two guests. Sleeps two. 
The mood? Romantic retreat. 
Where? 1hr 45min from L.A.
Budget? Spenny, but then again, the view is immaculate.   

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