"Beyond Rubik's Cube"

Photograph: Nicole Craine Kids building a mural at Liberty Science Center's "Beyond Rubik's Cube" exhibition
Liberty Science Center is feting the 40-year anniversary of the Rubik's Cube with an interactive, 7,000-square-foot installation where kids can play with the 26-foot-tall Groovik's Cube, which is so big you need three people to work it; check out robots that solve the puzzle faster than people can; play a kid-friendly game called Cube Match; and contribute to a collaborative mural. They'll likely be inspired by the artifacts—rubber bands, paper clips and wood blocks—Hungarian-born Emo Rubik used to come up with the iconic 3-D invention in 1974. All ages.


Event phone: 201-200-1000
Event website: http://lsc.org
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