"Art, Artists & You"

"Art, Artists & You"
Photograph: Courtesy CMOM

The Children's Museum of Manhattan is putting little visitors in the driver's seat. “Art, Artists & You,” a combination of an art studio and exhibit, encourages children to explore the creative process with several main components: working on stop motion animation, crafting a model of a pet or contributing to a wall hanging. “We want visitors to consider what it means when art is made of familiar object and materials, and how they can use these everyday items to make something new that expresses their thoughts, aspirations, and personal perception of the world,” David Rios, Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s director of public programs and the exhibit’s curator, said in a statement. Artists Amir Hariri, Antonia A Perez, Camille Hoffman and Jasmine Laura Murrell have just been added to the roster, so explore the pieces while you still can! All ages. 


Event phone: 212-721-1223
Event website: https://cmom.org/
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