Jungle-Ized: A Conversation with Nature

Art, Installation

During Earth Month, head to Times Square to explore an interactive multi-sensory art installation that turns Times Square into the Amazon. Over a half a million visitors to the area daily will become immersed in this installation that allows participants to download a mobile app or borrow Audio-Technica headphones to listen to a virtual soundscape that superimposes the Amazon ecosystem upon an eight-square-block area of Times Square. The soundscape features Amazon Rainforest sound environments, the voices of Shipibo shamans—the indigenous people along the Ucayali River in the Amazon rainforest—and narration by Amazon experts guiding you through a jungle tour and a conversation on the environment and climate change. As part of Times Square’s Midnight Moment digital art series, the electronic billboards will showcase the Jungle-Ized video at 11:57pm each night in April. All ages.


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