“TapeScape” at BCM

“TapeScape” at BCM
Photograph: Courtesy Eric Lennartson

Let your imagination run wild as you climb through a massive playscape made from miles of TAPE! This interactive exhibit by Brooklyn Children’s Museum in collaboration with Eric Lennartson is custom-built for the museum and created from unexpected everyday materials, and it’ll be located in the Visiting Exhibit Gallery. The exhibit will span about 400 square feet (about the size of a studio apartment here in NYC), offering plenty of tunnels to crawl through, and it’s open for anyone to explore, even adults. “TapeScape” encourages creativity, curiosity and gross motor play.

The artist, Eric Lennartson, weighed in with Time Out New York Kids: “Because the exhibit is so crazy, it attracts everyone to play in it. One of the reasons I love the exhibit is that I see adults playing with kids in the exhibit. I see older kids playing again like they did when they were younger and didn't have to act so cool. I tell people it lets you act half your age again.”

Building the exhibit will take around two weeks: the first will be used to create the skeletal structure, and the second for adding around thirteen miles worth of tape—that’s enough to go back and forth across the Brooklyn Bridge a dozen times!

Lennartson continues: "I love that tape is such a common thing that everyone has, but it can do extraordinary things. It is completely unexpected material to build with, right? Why would you think that that roll of tape in your desk drawer could make something as big as a three-dimensional suspension bridge. And why would you think it would even hold your weight? But if you have a crazy idea, think creatively, adapt to the properties of materials you have, you can do just about anything."

The building process for “TapeScape” may also eventually be opened up to the community, though those details are still under wraps. We’ll see you there! All ages.


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