Madagascar Matters for Kids - Time Out New York Kids

Make sure your little one leaves "Madagascar!" with a sense of why the place is so important. Here, our top reasons why the African island must be saved.

By Carole Braden |
(1) Supercool neighbors. Madagascar is even more diverse than NYC. If you lived there, you’d be just one type of creature in the huge mix of living things that make up the local environment.

(2) Hidden treasures. We haven’t counted all the animal species yet; more than 1,000 new ones have been found in the past 15 years alone.

(3) The families who call it home. In addition to all the fascinating animals and plants,a lot of people live on the island. About 80 percent of them make their living through farming and will suffer if the ecosystem dies.

(4) The animals in danger. Species under threat on Madagascar include lemurs and their natural enemy the fossa, plus the spider tortoise, a bird called the sacred ibis and, off its shores, the enormous humpback whale. Madagascar is also home to the world’s third-largest reef system. More sea creatures than you can count live there.

You can help! The more kids—and parents and teachers and friends—who know about Madagascar, the easier it will be to make a difference there. Tell your pals!