"Saga Sites: Landscapes of the Icelandic Sagas"

"Saga Sites: Landscapes of the Icelandic Sagas" at the Scandanavia House
Painting: Courtesy National Museum of Iceland "Saga Sites: Landscapes of the Icelandic Sagas" at Scandinavia House
About 1,100 years ago, Scandinavians started exploring the part of the earth now known as Iceland in search of farmland. Stories of their journeys were passed down orally for centuries until some unknown scribes wrote the tales down, dubbing them the Sagas, in the 13th and 14th centuries. The imaginative show on view juxtaposes a series of 19th-century watercolors and contemporary photography of Iceland, inviting New Yorkers of all ages to "travel" to that faraway land of ancient lava fields, volcanoes and roaring rivers. Best of all, Scandinavia House is hosting a series of cool, Pratt educator–led family workshops in conjunction with the show, called Discovering Iceland through Art and Story ($12; ages 6 to 10), on Saturday afternoons throughout the fall. The kickoff workshop (Sat Sept 29 2–4pm) is free. Free. All ages.


Event phone: 212-779-3587
Event website: http://scandinaviahouse.org