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Budget birthday parties

Like $400 shoes, five-star vacations and family dinners at Peter Luger, lavish birthday parties border on the indecent during a recession. So celebrate without the splurge: This guide will keep your budget-and your rep-on track.

  • Invitations

    First on your to-do list-get the word out. If you prefer paper, you can choose from a number of affordable selections requiring ...
  • Cakes

    Here's how to ensure a sweet ending to the celebration, whether you buy it, bake it, or B.S. your way through it with a ...
  • Favors

    Parents frown on them, kids obsess over them. Wherever you stand on the goody-bag continuum, here are some cheap and cheerful options.
  • Venues

    Your site selection will influence your choice of food and decor. Read on for sanity-saving ideas...wherever the party takes you.
  • Entertainment

    Once you've assembled your sweetie's bestest friends, what are you going to do with them? Creative-minded parents can plan simple ...
  • Decor and more

    Check out the best local and online sources for balloons, piatas, paper goods, decorations, favors and more.

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