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Do you know New York like no one else? Time Out New York Kids wants your perspective and opinion for our growing blogger network.

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Do you know New York's culture, history, music and food scene (as it pertains to families) better than anyone else? If so, Time Out New York Kids wants your perspective and opinion.

We're opening up our blog to our dedicated readers who have a unique and keen eye on what's going on around town!

What are we looking for?

We want writers, thought leaders and NYC aficionados who are plugged into a community, topic or beat around town. If you're tuned into something that you think should be featured on Time Out Kids, then we want to know about it.

It might be an undiscovered kids’ clothing store that everyone needs to know about, a glimpse into city parent culture, a thought-provoking opinion piece or maybe a list on why New York is the best city in the world to be a parent. It could even be a hot piece of news that no one is talking about! Simply put, if you're an authority on something that's going on around town, then contributing to our blog is a great way to let people around the city know about it.

We won't take just anyone, though. We'll look into your writing style and overall knowledge of the city to make sure that you're a good fit.

What's in it for you?

By blogging for Time Out New York Kids, you'll get exposure to our monthly audience of millions of New York parents. Each of your blog posts will include a link back to your personal work so you can show off all of the amazing things that you're putting out. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to get your work refined by professional editors…how neat is that?

Think you've got what it takes? 

Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with steps on how to get your blog rolling on Time Out New York Kids.

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