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21 festive baby names inspired by Christmas

21 festive baby names inspired by Christmas
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It’s official. The holidays are upon us! Christmas for kids is fast approaching. Festive, twinkling lights illuminate the city, and there’s excitement in the air! If you’ve got a bun in the oven during this special time of year, or even if you’re just snuggling up by the fire all season to—ahem—plan one for next year (that yule log can be pretty inviting...), you’re undoubtedly racking your brain for baby names. With all the activity and overload of the season, who has the extra time to spend? Besides, your brainpower is needed for prepping nurseries or office parties, shopping and feast creation. Read on for a list of baby names so festive, Santa’s already poised to add ‘em to his list! For more baby names, see our top baby name ideas for hipsters and best baby names for die-hard New Yorkers.

1. Noel/ Noelle

2. Ginger

3. Holly

4. Candy

5. Christian

6. Lucky

7. Angel

8. Jesus

9. Pine

10. Grace

11. Star

12. Carol

13. Nick

14. Eve

15. Mary

16. Berry

17. Joseph

18. Bella

19. Joy

20. Coco

21. Faith 



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